About Ecologues

What will the earth look like 50 years from now? The north and south poles, the forests and deserts? The fate of the planet is being decided right now because human impact on the environment has never been as far-reaching as it is today. Even if global temperatures increase only 1.5 degrees Celsius by the year 2100 compared to pre-industrial levels, the effects of climate change will still be felt all too clearly. The Amazon rainforest in South America is currently being slashed and burned, whilst the permafrost is likely to (continue to) thaw, both of which will release enormous quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere. Besides the consequences for the earth’s flora and fauna, global warming poses very real dangers to us human beings, many of whom will have no choice but to leave their native countries.   

The effects of climate change vary widely from one region to another, and people in different regions of the world have very different carbon footprints: as it happens, those who cause the most global warming are not the ones who suffer the most from its effects. Given the existential imperative to develop strategies to combat the real dangers in their countries, people around the world, especially in the Global South, have come up with a great many projects and innovative ideas to fight climate change. Whole communities whose way of life is heavily dependent on local natural conditions are already suffering more from the climate crisis, but they’re also in many cases finding more coherent methods to ward off the repercussions. Projects, measures and initiatives like these are often ignored, however, due to the global imbalance of power. This is where Ecologues, an online magazine focusing on sustainability and the environment, comes in. 

What’s in the Name?

Ecologues is a portmanteau of “ecology” and “dialogues”. Which points up the magazine’s subject matter and editorial approach: namely, hosting global debates about the challenges posed by climate change. What can and must be done about it now? Which existing initiatives in various countries around the world could be representative of the kind of the complex solution we need? How do we create a world of climate justice in which we will all be able to lead decent lives in future? These are the questions Ecologues has been addressing since October 2020, along the lines of the magazine's subtitle: “How we survive the Anthropocene”.

Global View

The diversity of perspectives included enables us to take a global view of this multi-faceted issue. Because climate change is a global issue that can only be tackled through international innovation and worldwide cooperation. So the magazine’s contents are not only to zero in on problems and analyse their social and cultural repercussions, but also to pursue a constructive approach to the challenges that lie ahead. And this goal is to be achieved by engaging in a big conversation. So, in this magazine, the Goethe-Institut engages in an ongoing discussion with experts and victims of climate change all over the world about sustainability and new forms of environmentalism as well as the social and cultural aspects of climate change.  
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