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Migration – Emigration – Fleeing

Never before have so many people been forced to leave their homes. Millions are on the run and in search of a safe place to stay. They're trying to escape war and conflicts. In addition to that, there are those who are forced to flee because of ecological crises, poverty, exploitation and helplessness. While all media reports about countries debating the acceptance of refugees, they seem to neglect one of the largest refugee crises and migration movements of recent history.

Children of war pixabay.com
Rohingya Woman UN Women/Allison Joyce

"Refugees Worldwide"
Rohingya-Women report

The Rohingya are “the Worlds’ Most Persecuted Minority,” according to the U.N. Till date an estimated 140,000 Rohingyas have been displaced from Myanmar. Some found second-class residency in Malaysia, Thailand Bangladesh and India. Different factors  have brought close to 36,000 Rohingyas Muslims to India. These are the stories of Rohingya women who continue to survive the complexities of the  sectarian divide in South Asia.

Refugee march Hungary Joachim Seidler | Wikimedia Commons

On the run
A debate

While we have over many years witnessed the worsening situation of refugees on Europe’s borders, since summer 2015 we have come to realize how severe, how serious, how tragic the situation has actually become, and the true scope of the problem of refugees entering Europe has assumed. This situation raises some essential questions – what are the problems and consequences being faced by these Central European nations incessantly flooded by an influx of humanity? How wide ranging is the migration? For how long and for whom should the European nations open their borders?
Indian journalist Aman Sethi and German journalist Georg Diez explore these issues and attempt to answer some of the questions by way of an exchange.

Logo Inherited memories Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata

Forgotten and Recalled
Inherited Memories

As the debates on the refugee crisis continue, we look back into one of the biggest refugee crises and human migration in recent history. The discussion mostly revolves around the broad issue of what the long-term impact would be if refugees were allowed to settle in a particular society.

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