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20161021_Hongkong_Matsukaze_FotoNewVisionArtsFestival Goethe-Institut Hongkong

An online lab for debate and exchange
Co-production Platform East Asia - Germany

The regional project Co-production Platform East Asia - Germany focuses on theatre, performance and digitality. It aims to bring together potential partners from Asia and Germany in a debate over the present and future of performance art, and encourages joint projects.


Participants from Germany

Participants from Mainland China

Participants from Hong Kong

Victor Sham Chung Tat

Participants from Taiwan

Participants from Korea

Participants from Japan

Hiromi Maruoka

Yoko Kawasaki

Juliet Knapp

Project Proposals

Organizer Team

Relevant articles

International Coproduction Fund

Golden Age of Extremes Jamie Fyson Howard

More Information about the International Coproduction Fund

International coproductions epitomize a form of artistic collaboration involving partnership and dialogue. With a view to encouraging new collaborative working processes and innovative productions involving international cultural exchange, the Goethe-Institut set up a new coproduction fund in the summer of 2016 to promote new working networks and approaches within a global context and to explore new forms of intercultural collaboration.

Next Application Deadline

Please note that due to the COVID 19 pandemic there will be only one application round in 2021. 
The next deadline for projects starting in 2022 will be on September 30th at 23.59 (CET).
Please inform yourself about the award critera before applying. 

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