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AndroidIllustration: Maria Tran Larsen Goethe-Institut

Installation of the Onleihe app (for Android)

On this page we show you how to install and set up the Onleihe app for your Android device. The app enables you to use our digital library containing more than 35,000 German language media on mobile devices.

Step 1: Mein Goethe.de

To use the Onleihe, a one-time registration is required via our website at “Mein Goethe.de”. If you do not yet have an account on our website, please register. Registration and use of the media are free of charge.

Step 2: Activate Onleihe

After logging in, click the menu item "My eLibrary" and then click “Log in”. 
Activate Onleihe

Step 3: Download app

Now download the app to use the Onleihe on your smartphone.

Onleihe-App in Google Play Store

Open app after installation.

Step 4: Login

Open the menu of the Onleihe app (three bars in the upper left corner of the app).

>> Choose Goethe-Institut as a library.
>> Log in using your credentials for Mein Goethe.de.

Step 5: Download a medium

You are now logged in! Select the menu item “Browse” to look for and download media.

Step 6: Accept Terms of Use

The first time you download a medium you will be automatically prompted to agree to the data protection statement and to the conditions of use. Please confirm your acceptance.

The installation and activation of the Onleihe app is now complete. We wish you much fun browsing our collection of digital media.

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