Music June 2020: Onleihe - Our Top 10 Albums

Onleihe is not just about books. You can also enjoy music with it! In this month we have asked one of our colleagues, who is a master student studying music, to select her favourite "Top 10 albums" from Onleihe! All the albums can be found and borrow from Onleihe free of charge!

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1.  “Polonaises” – Arthur Rubinstein

Polonaises - Arthur Rubinstein Onleihe Arthur Rubinstein was one of only a handful of pianists able to imbue these polish works with such rhythm, nobility and virtuoso. He recorded the first seven Polonaises of Chopin three times. The fine performances heard here, from the middle period of his recording career, still stand as among the best!

2. “Piano Concerto No.3” – Claudio Arrau

Piano Concerto No.3 – Claudio Arrau Onleihe Claudio Arrau was a well-known concert pianist in the world and he recorded this famous Piano Concerto of Beethoven by American Columbia. The whole performance was strong and forthright in the outer movements although the slow movement is rather short on expressivity. Arrau had recorded a number of outstanding albums during his life. If you are a classical fanatic, don’t hesitate to check it out!

3. “Organ Works” – Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann

Organ Works – Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann Onleihe The eldest son of Johann Sebastian Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann was taught Organ and Harpsichord by his farther. He had been widely recognised as one of the most distinguished organists of his time and his own tendency to the freedom of thought of the Enlightenment had not endeared him to his Pietist superiors in Halle. Come and listen to the Baroque period in Germany!

4. Schumann,R. (Das Beste von) – Rahbari Alexander

Schumann,R. (Das Beste von) – Rahbari Alexander Onleihe This CD includes a variety of music such as Symphony, Chamber ensemble and some piano works. Schumann is a symbol of the romantic period in Germany and he became a composer when his hands were hurt. His music is full of different characters and deep emotional. We can enjoy the album to experience the romanticism with Schumann.

5. Tannhuser –Wagner, Richard

Tannhuser –Wagner, Richard Onleihe This CD is a staple of Furtwngler’s repertoire. Furtwngler is a great German conductor who ensured maximum expression while allowing the music to move forward in an organic way. The legendary Norwegian soprano Kirsten Flagstad who has beautiful tone, unforced strength, accurate intonation and ability to spin a long and precise vocal line are exemplified in this unforgettable Opera performance.

6. “Four seasons four guitars” –Astor Piazzolla

Four seasons four guitars –Astor Piazzolla Onleihe Astor Piazzolla was one of the major classical composers in Argentina and he was so besotted by the music of the South American dance, The Tango, that he destroyed his early works and devoted his life to writing music with that rhythm as its basis. He has developed this art to the point where it is difficult to detect the dancing element in his complex and strict classical music. If you are interested in Tango, this would be the best choice!

7. “Sing it, Satchmo”– Louis Armstrong

Sing it, Satchmo – Louis Armstrong Onleihe Although Louis Armstrong is best remembered as a pioneer of jazz trumpet, his contributions to popular vocals are not to be underestimated. This collection showcases some of Satchmo’s best vocal work after World War Two. Let’s go back to the 19th century and enjoy the authentic Jazz to fill up your pleasant mood.

8. “Schubert: Lieder” – Herbert von Karajan

Schubert: Lieder – Herbert von Karajan Onleihe Schubert wrote around 600 Lieder. Lieder is a concept of songs. It grew from the arietta of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. Elisabeth Schwarzkopf enjoyed a highly distinguished parallel career as a Lieder singer. One of the greatest of Schubert Lieder interpreters with a radiantly beautiful voice. Don’t miss the chance to understand what is German Lieder.

9. “Japanese drums” – Joji Hirota

Japanese drums – Joji Hirota Onleihe Powerful thunder, intricate rhythms of giant Japanese drums. Weaving multi-layered patterns of an almost hypnotic intensity. While these Japanese drums are a significant part of Japanese history and culture, they’ve only recently started to become better known around the globe. A gripping musical experience! Come to discover the traditional Japanese Taiko.

10. “Symphony No.9 in D minor” – Klaus Tennstedt

Symphony No.9 in D minor – Klaus Tennstedt Onleihe The Symphony No.9 is a Choral Symphony which was composed between 1822 to 1824. The symphony is regarded by many critics as one of the greatest works by Beethoven. It was also the first example of using voices in a Symphony and recorded with Klaus Tennstedt who was in great demand as a conductor during his life. Enjoy the heroic Symphony now!