Feburary 2020: Sparks of Life

Sparks of Life: The German Experience with Ageing
Chen Yimin

Depressing as it might sound, when we talk about “ageing”, the terms that pop up most frequently are probably “medical plan”, “welfare”, “division of resource”, “government policy”…

Is “ageing” really such a tedious thing? What is actually “ageing”? In fact, if you are not like Kurt Cobain who died famously at the age of 27, then you, and the most of us living on this planet, are going to live through the process of “ageing”. Especially in today’s society where the aging population is increasing at an unprecedented rate, the topic of “ageing” definitely deserve more attention.

Awarded the Robert Bosch Stiftung Crossing Borders Research Grants, veteran reporter/editor Yimin Chen is passinote on reporting issues relating to different social issues, among them “aging society”. In her book “Sparks of Life: The German Experience with Ageing”, she interviews interesting and extraordinary people aged 65+ across a dozen German cities, and thus addressing new images and potential of our ageing society.

The Book “Sparks of Life: The German Experience with Ageing”can be found in the library of Goethe-Institut Hong Kong.