December 2019: Looking for Santa


A modern fairy tale for young and old, with well-known and new Christmas figures, full of magic, secrets, fantasy and a good dose of humour in 24 episodes of 15 minutes each. Live action combined with CGI animation is just the perfect mix for families eagerly awaiting the Christmas holidays. Great stories are waiting behind the doors of this horizontally narrated advent calendar.

Christmas is in danger. According to an ancient tradition, a new Santa Claus is chosen every hundred years. Beutolomus is Santa Claus’ gift bag and closest confidante, and can’t wait to meet his new buddy in Christmasland. The choice falls on Ruprecht Tumb, a nutty invernot and tech nerd. Beutolomus begins to suspect something’s wrong, and sets out in search of the real Santa Claus. He thinks he’s found him in grumpy chimney sweep Sasha Claus. Together with Sasha’s eight-year-old niece Pauline, he manages to persuade him to come along to Christmasland to test whether he’s not the real Santa Claus after all. But Ruprecht uses every trick in the book to keep his job. Sasha loses the final test, and the false Santa seizes control of Christmas, doing away with old traditions like advent calendars and wish lists right away. Using his talking computer 143, he wants to make Christmas modern and efficient. His modernization craze will stop at nothing. When Sasha sees what Ruprecht is up to, he steps up to the task of being the real Santa Claus and fight back. Will he be able to save Christmas together with Beutolomus, Pauline and the other Christmas creatures, or will Christmas be gone forever?

The DVD to the TV-Series can be found in the library of Goethe-Institut Hong Kong. The DVD is in German with English subtitles.