Children Book May 2021: The Ocean Adventure

United Letters

Have fun exploring the magical sea! Both in this ocean story and in real life, you can make our exciting world a little better each day! You are the hero!

The book OCEAN ADVENTURE is a personalised children book published by the author Johanna Lehmann and the illustrator Christina Snuggs. The book takes children onto an adventure in the deep ocean. Through this journey children will not only learn about the creatures living under the ocean, but also learn about the harm that plastic waste would bring to the ocean. What can we do to rescue the creatures and the ocean? How can we protect the living space in the ocean?

You can order a personalised edition (English or German) of the OCEAN ADVENTURE at the website . And starting in mid May, you can also buy the Chinese translated edition at the Goethe-Institut Hongkong.

An accompanying reading programme for children will take place on 29.05.2021 statt. For details please click hier.