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Publications worldwide

Here you will find a selection of publications from the departments and the institutes worldwide.

AKBP Ein Rückblick Goethe-Institut

AKBP - Ein Rückblick

(November 2020)
AKBP – Ein Rückblick
gathers relevant articles from Politik & Kultur, the journal of the Deutscher Kulturrat (German Cultural Council). Edited by Johannes Ebert, secretary-general of the Goethe-Institut, and Olaf Zimmermann, executive director of the Deutscher Kulturrat, the book is dedicated to Klaus-Dieter Lehmann and looks back at a decade of foreign cultural and educational policy.

The Goethe-Institut and digital civil society Goethe-Institut

The Goethe-Institut and digital civil society

(October 2020)
How can the Goethe-Institut help to connect digital civil society worldwide? The mapping of digital civil society in Germany describes the status quo and shows future potentials. The brochure is licensed under the Creative Commons license "Name - 4.0 international" (CC BY 4.0). Distribution and re-use is explicitly welcome.

The Year of German-American Friendship Goethe-Institut

"Wunderbar Together" – The Year of German-American Friendship in the USA

(March 2020)
"Wunderbar Together" – the Year of German-American Friendship in the USA, under the leadership of the Goethe-Institut, brought together more than 500 partner organisations under one roof. On 240 pages, the final publication of the project provides an insight into the largest Year of Germany of foreign cultural and educational policy to date with 2,800 events.

Die Zukunft braucht Bildung Goethe-Institut

Die Zukunft braucht Bildung

(September 2020)
The future needs education. - The Goethe-Institut is committed to education in the field of education for sustainable development (GNI) and develops innovative educational formats internationally, together with its cooperation partners.


If you have any questions about the publications, please contact  info@goethe.de

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