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das goethe

“das goethe“ is the Goethe-Institut’s cultural magazine. It appears twice a year in print as an insert in the subscription issue of “Zeit“.

The Latest at Goethe Photo: Jonas Radunz

The Latest at Goethe

On “The Latest at Goethe“ you will find reports, stories and interviews about the work of the Goethe-Institut all around the world.

Annual Report

Annual Report 2020/2021 Personal encounters, says Secretary-General Johannes Ebert, create trust. The Annual Report, bilingual and vividly illustrated, provides an overview of the Goethe-Institut's worldwide activities. It gives insights into the most memorable moments from our work in the past year, which was of course marked by the pandemic. With this year's main topic “Encounters - online and on site”, the focus is on projects that continue to enable encounters and exchange using digital or hybrid formats - even under sometimes difficult conditions. The Annual Report is complemented by infographics and profiles of the 13 regions that report on the work of our globally active network.

Current study

DAAD, GIZ and Goethe-Institut
Auenblick – International perspectives on Germany in times of the Covid-19 pandemic

How is Germany viewed by the world? With the study “Auenblick – International perspectives on Germany in times of the Covid-19 pandemic”, the three organisations want to approach this question. From the perspective of science, culture, economics and politics. A particular focus of the study is the corona pandemic, which affects all areas.


Cover Fachkrftemangel Goethe-Institut

Understanding skilled workers mobility

What drives people who can imagine living and working in Germany? What motivates skilled workers to migrate to Germany - and what keeps them from doing so? What support do they need? To answer these questions, the Goethe-Institut together with the market research institute GfK conducted a survey of over 3,000 professionals in five countries.

Outreach that starts in the home country Goethe-Institut

Outreach that starts in the home country

Immigration of skilled workers: Not only is the need for pre-integration presently greater than ever before, but also its benefits for later integration in Germany. A new study by the Goethe-Institut analyses pre-integration programmes for immigrant workers and provides specific recommendations for action.

Front page: Culture in an Age of Uncertainty report Goethe-Institut

Culture in an Age of Uncertainty

What value do cultural relations have? Can they help strengthen societies in transition? A new study with the British Council on the impact of cultural relations in transitional societies addressed these issues.



Deutsch lernen für das Studium

How do foreign students acquire the necessary language skills for their studies in Germany? This question is the focus of a study by the Goethe-Institut and CHE Consult. Recommendations can be derived from its results about how the increasing interest in German can be further strengthened.


Culture works Goethe-Institut

Culture Works

Can and should the effects of art and culture be evaluated? The Goethe-Institut has been investigating this question for several years under academic guidance. The result is this brochure.


We are happy to send you a copy of the print publication of your choice. Please contact:

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Publications worldwide

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