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Mentorship Programme in cooperation with the Prince Claus Fund

Photo: Misha Vallejo. Caption below. Foto: Misha Vallejo


Since 2018 the Goethe-Institut and Prince Claus Fund have been supporting artists and cultural practitioners working on the intersection of the arts, environmental change and the climate crisis – supporting a total of 54 exceptional initiatives from around the world, examples of which are presented on Take Me to the River. We are now building on this experience and launching an exciting new mentorship programme through which we solidify our joint commitment to addressing the climate emergency.
Artists and cultural practitionersacross the world are setting up initiatives and rethinking responses to environmental change and the climate crisis, while actively engaging their communities. Now, more than ever, we need the arts and culture to help us respond; to inspire and motivate us by challenging our perceptions, encouraging us to change our habits by introducing intersectional and trans-disciplinary perspectives, and centering indigenous forms of knowledge and ways of living to envision alternative models of climate justice in the world.
The mentorship Cultural & Artistic Responses to Environmental Change is a year-long interdisciplinary programme that creates space for artists and cultural practitioners to explore critical artistic practices and initiates an international network of creatives working on the intersection of arts and environmentalism. Through this we create a platform to stimulate joint learning, connect engaged practitioners across the world, stimulate cross disciplinary exchange and amplify new perspectives on environmental change.


The mentorship brings together 12 emerging artists and cultural practitioners (± 8-15 years of relevant professional experience) with 4 mentors, all working across a range of disciplines and environmental issues. These 12 individuals each develop a body of work, form a peer-group, and throughout the year receive mentorship guidance, exchange ideas, collaborate, and jointly delve deeper into their practices. 
The programme consists of two Labs (week long mentoring intensives, one in person and one online), bi-monthly online masterclass and peer-group sessions and an awards ceremony and visitors programme in Amsterdam and Berlin. Each participant receives an award of 6.000 to work on the concept for a body of work that they outlined in their application, with an additional 4.000 being available for either a collaboration with other participants, or if their concept solidifies in the process and needs extra budget to be realised.  


Through this mentorship programme we aim to:
  • support critical and unconventional work by emerging artists working on a range of issues related to environmentalism, the climate crisis and climate justice;
  • stimulate leadership of individuals whose artistic work fosters awareness and empathy;
  • accelerate the artistic practices of artists and cultural practitioners who show a commitment to creating lasting change through environmental activism;
  • facilitate exchanges, meaningful connections and learning between engaged practitioners;
  • strengthen and amplify new perspectives on environmentalism, the climate crisis and climate justice. 

How to apply?

Applications can be submitted until 26 August 2021 23:00 CEST via the Prince Claus Fund website. Please consult the Guidelines & Eligibility before applying. 

About the Prince Claus Fund

Our mission is to support, honour and connect artists and cultural practitioners in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe, especially where cultural expression is under pressure. We stand firm with those who create, who believe in the transformative power of culture, who advance new ideas and develop new perspectives.

Prince Claus Fund

Image Misha Vallejo.
The Sarayaku territory is not just a physical and geographical space, but also a space within which the people of Sarayaku can elevate their emotions as they connect to the world of the Supreme Beings. The whole project is available at www.secretsarayaku.net


Sima Reinisch
Consultant to the Head of Department
Department of Culture
Goethe-Institut e.V.
Head Office Munich
+49 89 15921 226
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