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Cultural Management in the Digital Age

Cultural Management in the Digital Age Goethe-Institut

For many years, the Goethe-Institut has been developing projects and training courses in the field of cultural management together with partners. Against the background of increasing digitisation, cultural organisations in particular, as civil society mediators, have to deal with digital opportunities and challenges in a well-founded and critical manner. As part of the project, we would like to make cultural managers and multipliers – those who play key roles in shaping digital and other projects within their organisations – fit for the subject so that their organisations can become places for contemporary negotiation of digital civil society.

The participating Goethe-Instituts in Mumbai, Shanghai and, until July 2021, Minsk as well as the department of Cultural Education and Discourse at the Goethe-Institut Head Office are active in the field of digital education and culture and work closely with German and international actors. The project partners from Germany, the HMKW University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication and Management, the JUNGE AKADEMIE and the transmediale, offer outstanding expertise in the field of digital art, culture and education. Based on recent contributions from academia and practice, case studies and important stimuli from the cooperation partners, we are examining and negotiating various approaches and challenges of cultural management in the digital age in interaction with international perspectives.
Together with the Goethe-Instituts and international partners from theory and practice, the curriculum was developed for a summer school focusing on Cultural Management in the Digital Age. The Summer School will take place from 23 to 26 August 2021 via the platform Gather. Afterwards, in a one-week book sprint, a team of experts will compile a publication that will be made available as an Open Education Resource (OER). In future, this OER will be considered the standard for the subject of cultural management in the digital age.
  • Strengthening cultural managers in the digital age
  • Active promotion and design of innovation processes in international cultural work
  • Creation of networking offers and opportunities
  • Provision of digital learning and teaching materials (Open Education Resource - OER)



Dr. Marguerite Rumpf
Goethe-Institut Zentrale
Tel. +49 89 15921-735


Hochschule für Medien, Kommunikation und Wirtschaft
Junge Akademie

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