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Franco-German Cultural Fund

Deutsch-Franzsischer Kulturfonds Deutsch-Franzsischer Kulturfonds The Franco-German Cultural Fund was founded in 2003 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the lysée treaty. The fund aims at fostering Franco-German cooperation through support of cultural and artistic projects conducted conjointly by diplomatic representations and cultural institutes of both countries in close cooperation with local partners.

The Franco German Cultural Fund is attended to from the German Federal Foreign Office in close coordination with the Goethe-Institut as well as from the Institut franais.

During the last fifteen years projects from very different cultural fields were supported, e. g. projects in visual and performing arts, design, fashion, architecture, theater, film, new media, digital arts, literature and discourse.

Facts of the Franco-German Cultural Fund

  • 1 announcement a year
  • 320 supported projects worldwide in 155 countries
  • Annual support of 280 artists and intellectuals 
  • More than 15 different cultural and artistic fields. 
You can find an overview of all supported projects on the website of Institut franais.


Sima Reinisch
Consultant to the Head of Department
Department of Culture
Goethe-Institut e.V.
Head Office Munich
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