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Goethe-Lab Sprache

Focusing on the future,
not the status quo.

We are on a mission: the Goethe-Lab Sprache team is devoted to the further development of the online portfolio as a high-quality, tailor-made language program for German learners worldwide. The strategy? Including future-oriented technology and greater flexibility through a modular setup of digital learning options to achieve more client centricity and an optimal fit for each individual learner.

Goethe-Lab Sprache

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About Goethe-Lab Sprache

Worldwide Network: Language experts, start-ups, German learners, scientific research institutions, Goethe-Institut, experts in digital transformation


User Research: Market research, surveys, usability tests, deep-dive interviews, design sprints


To meet changing habits and needs of international learners in our digital age, the Goethe-Lab Sprache places the main emphasis on the learner in the development of products and services. The early and continual involvement of learners ensures customized solutions for learning German in a digital environment.


Kontakt Goethe-Lab Sprache Do you share our interest or consider yourself an expert on learning analytics, speech recognition software or automated text analysis?
Then, we’d be happy to hear from you:

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AI + Language Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

Couch Lesson
AI + Language

Language enables people to express feelings and thoughts. Language is what defines human beings - or does it? In recent years, Artificial Intelligence has made great progress in writing and translating texts independently. Does this make AI an author and interpreter? In the Couch Lesson AI + Language we asked a computer scientist, a computational linguist and an artist.

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