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Netzwerktreffen 2018Photo: (detail): Bernhard-Ludewig

Sprache. Kontakte. Kultur.
Europanetzwerk Deutsch

The Federal Foreign Office and the Goethe-Institut promote the German language as a working and procedural language in the European institutions with the exclusive scholarship program Europanetzwerk Deutsch. Various language course programs as well as events with sociopolitical and cultural topics offer the opportunity to deepen existing German skills and to become part of a dedicated alumni network in Europe. The offers of the Europanetzwerk Deutsch take place face-to-face and online.

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Coming soon: EU-Courses 2022

Kurs- und Veranstaltungskalender

Course and event calendar

Your recipe for Europe Europanetzwerk Deutsch/Nachtmann

The European Cookbook

On the occasion of Europe Day, we will create the first Europanetzwerk Deutsch cookbook with the help of your recipe suggestion! Send us your recipe by 31st August 2021 and receive a personal copy.

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EU-Kurs Frankfurt-Wiesbaden 2017 Bernhard Ludewig

EU-courses in Germany

EU-courses are intensive language courses that take place at various locations in Germany (e.g. in Berlin, Frankfurt, Dresden, Munich) and include both, expert discussions with representatives of ministries and professionally relevant specialists as well as an accompanying cultural programme.

Netzwerktreffen Brüssel 2017 Bernhard Ludewig

Programme in Brussels and Luxemburg

The Europanetzwerk Deutsch offers in Brussels and Luxembourg a variety of courses and events so that you can improve your knowledge of the German language on site and continue to apply it in practice.

Europanetzwerk Deutsch Europanetzwerk Deutsch

Europanetzwerk Digital

The Europanetzwerk Digital programme turns your desk into an individual study desk: Digital courses, lectures, readings or discussion groups on European topics are offered in a special environment.

Podcast Europanetzwerk Deutsch Europanetzwerk Deutsch

Podcast kurz & bündig

In our podcast kurz & bündig host Linda Achtermann talks about current topics in exclusive interviews with experts, scientists and politicians from Germany. The episodes are supplemented with worksheets and text scripts.

Europa. Deine Sprachen.

Europe. Your Languages.

On the occasion of the European trio presidency, Germany-Portugal-Slovenia, the Europanetzwerk Deutsch will examine the role of multilingualism in Europe as well as its importance for the European Union and the member states. Under the title Europe. Your languages. various events will take place in 2020 and 2021.

Netzwerktreffen 2016 Bernhard Ludewig

Creating networks in Europe

Exclusive network meetings, current special programmes and lively exchange between European colleagues: by participating in our programme, you’ll become part of an active pan-European alumni network.

EU 10 - GASP 2017 Bernhard Ludewig


The Europanetzwerk Deutsch programme has been in operation since 1994. Here you will find a selection of interesting events from the past and have the opportunity to learn more about our work.



  Sonja Meckl Sonja Meckl Sonja Meckl
Europanetzwerk Deutsch
Tel. + 49 89 1 59 21 - 738

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