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Social Media

Follow the Goethe-Institut on social media. Our global presences provide information in the areas of language and culture and offer a comprehensive picture of Germany. In addition, presences of institutes in various countries focus on local work on-site. We have 5 million fans, on over 400 social media channels, on 9 platforms worldwide.

Facebook Logo Learn German with us: On this page you’ll meet people learning German from all over the world - you’ll discover everything about our language courses and find exercises to help you practice German.

Facebook Logo Discover with us the cultural and societal topics that matter to people around the world, follow public debates in Germany, find out about projects and exciting events.

Twitter Logo Get involved: Here’s where we discuss cultural and societal topics of international relevance and connect you with people from Goethe-Institut’s worldwide network.

Instagram Logo Meet and talk across national borders – personally, playfully and interactively.

YouTube Logo Find videos about our
current projects
as well as cultural and German language topics here.

Insight into our social-media channels

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