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Our mission

Our libraries are public and non-commercial places that offer an inspiring atmosphere for exchange and meeting. Carefully curated collections of analogue and digital media convey an up-to-date image of Germany and support learners of German.

In many different projects we work together with partners from civil society, especially from the library, media and information scene. The topics range from artificial intelligence to reading promotion, from environmental protection to cultural heritage.

Our libraries are also open spaces for experiments: For example, the hub for social entrepreneurs in Johannesburg, a Library of Things in Bratislava, a professionally curated art gallery in Belgrade, regularly changing themed rooms in Prague, Warsaw and many other places, a multimedia studio in Addis Ababa, a makerspace in Cairo and much more.

Through inspiration and innovation, the libraries of the Goethe-Institutes link Germany and the world.

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More information about the integration of the libraries into the overall structure of the Goethe-Institut can be found on the page "About us”:
About us (Libraries)


E-Library "Onleihe"

A woman listens to digital media from the Onleihe service and runs past people waiting at the bus stop in the rain. Illustration: Maria Tran Larsen Goethe-Institut

From audio book to newspaper

Read books and newspapers, listen to music and audio books or watch German films - a free service for users in non-German speaking countries!

Our literature blog "Cherrypicker" suggests

Our activities

Take a look at some of our library projects and acitivies around the globe in the past few years.

Tramas Democráticas Image: Goethe-Institut

Tramas Democráticas

Tramas Democráticas links initiatives and institutions in South America and Germany that strengthen democratic practices and values.

Hack your Cuture Grafik: Shutterstock

Culture and the Digital World
Hack your Culture

A program that brings together GLAM institutions (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) with creative minds and tech enthusiasts to bring about collaborations and innovations from open cultural data.

Couch Lessons Illustration: Marcia Mihotich

Generation A=Algorithm
Couch Lessons

Get comfortable on your couch - it's time for another episode of “Couch Lessons”. Every Wednesday, experts in artificial intelligence (AI) from around the world will discuss the opportunities, challenges, and risks associated with algorithmic decision making systems.

Short readings in Japanese

The series #vierseiten presents short readings of new German literature in Japanese translation. The first season is about finding and losing, about the fluid boundaries between presence and absence.

Graphic Travelogues Graphik: Dominik Wendland Goethe-Institut New Delhi

Modern Life
Graphic Travelogues

From minimalist sketches to detailed images, from autobiographical stories to historical narratives: Our comic-strip artists are divers. We introduce their graphic novels and the artists who create them.


How does the new come into the world? We celebrate the error and its innovative power: the most beautiful small and big mistakes in art, language, technology and society.

News from the library world

Our cooperation partner

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