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Goethe worldwide

Humboldt Trume Anna Azevedo

New dossier
Humboldt Magazine: Dreams

What are we dreaming of? This question is at the heart of the new issue of the Humboldt Magazine. Which daydreams, pipe dreams and spaces of fear determine our present?

Key Visual: Lockdown Lessons Photo (detail): John Simitopoulos

Post-Pandemic Future
Lockdown Lessons

The world is experiencing the COVID-19 virus due to its global nature and the time lags between outbreaks of the pandemic at once directly and indirectly. Because of this, one question has been posed since the beginning: What lessons can we learn from this catastrophe with regard to social, technological, postcolonial and civil society concerns?

Where the Wild Tunes Are Tobias Schrank

Music festivals
Where the wild tunes are

Spending a whole weekend with friends in the countryside, living in a tent, partying late into the night and listening to non-stop music, live or played by a DJ: Music festivals in Germany are an integral part of the cultural landscape and, for many Germans, are among the most enjoyable activities of the year. 

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