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Lockdown Lessons

Indigenous Ecological Resistance in Brazil

Return to Living with the Earth and Hold the Sky

How can Brazilian indigenous art help us to imagine the post-Anthropocene era? Political Ecologist Felipe Milanez considers rising ecological interest in indigenous cultures at the time of COP26, against a backdrop of extractive violence and native resistance.

A Brazil nut tree burning inside the agroextractivist settlement project Praialta Piranheira, city of Nova Ipixuna, in the state of Pará. Brazil, 2010.

Photo (detail): Felipe Milanez

Physical Closeness and Distance

After a long lockdown, Jan and Undine, who were already a couple before the pandemic, spend the first warm summer day in May 2021 enjoying the fresh air in Leipzig. Photo taken: 09.05.2021, Leipzig.

Photo (detail): Rafael Heygster

“Lessons with No-one”

Pupils all over Uruguay have recently been able to learn German – even in remote villages. Teaching is done digitally – from the capital Montevideo.

The Ceibal Method in Fray Bentos with Anja Ursprung

Foto: Ana Gencarelli

German language digital

The coronavirus made conventional language work practically impossible. It was time to take new pathways.

Eine Frau und ein Mann zeichnen Roboter an eine Tafel.


What we learn from the pandemic

For a year and a half now the whole world has been preoccupied with a virus. We have experienced the global, if somewhat staggered, nature of the pandemic in multiple phased waves. And already early in the beginning of the global crisis a question emerged: What can we learn from this catastrophe? In five thematic modules, the project “Lockdown Lessons” searches for answers on a global scale.

Key Visual: Lockdown Lessons

Photo (detail): John Simitopoulos

We encourage culture

We build bridges between culture, education and science and rely on the power of art, which poses questions and opens up new modes of access.

International Relief Fund

The International Relief Fund supports cultural organisations abroad in dealing with the effects of the pandemic.

Let the spark fly and hold on to it. Outreach Foundation Johannesburg

Photo (detail): Earl Abrahams

Residence Programs

Worldwide, we enable cultural professionals to realize their work and to deal with new people and cultures.

Residence programs

Author: San Jose, 27 November 2006, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1483026, nderungen vorgenommen


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